Upgrade your Salesforce CPQ with Salesforce billing solutions

A standard CPQ solution isn’t enough for you if you are looking for a complete quoting & invoicing solution. And it also actually leaves out a considerable portion of the sales cycle for a customer. That’s why Salesforce offers a higher tier called CPQ+Billing to manage your sales lifecycle, from quote to cash.
The Salesforce Billing is an add-on package that can be integrated to your standard CPQ solution. This integration helps you fetch all the key pricing records and information from CPQ. Once your team finalizes a quote and orders it within CPQ, the billing solution can help you scale the actions of your best sales reps across the entire sales organization through guided selling, pricing guidance, and margin protection.
Now’ let’s look at some of the Salesforce CPQ and Billing features:

Salesforce CPQ features:

⦁ CPQ platform helps you with configuration, pricing and prorate items on the cloud.
⦁ It helps you create contracts to record subscriptions for future sales transactions, amendments, and renewals.
⦁ You can create rules and preconfigured solutions to streamline the complex sales process
⦁ It gives the ability to create accurate, branded quotes in one click, with options to hide or reveal discounts and quote lines.

Salesforce Billing Features

⦁ It helps you invoice an order and manage its balances through credit and debit notes.
⦁ Record all transactional data into finance books and finance periods, then map that financial data into your external general ledger or ERP.
⦁ Salesforce Rule Management & Treatments in the Salesforce billing platform helps you create and define rules and treatments to group records for evaluation and take action on specific records within that group based on matching values.
⦁ Once Salesforce Billing performs certain actions, it evaluates all the invoice records that share the same rule and applies general changes to those records based on the rule’s settings. The rule also contains treatment records, which allow Salesforce Billing to apply more specific changes. Salesforce Billing applies a treatment to one of the group’s records only if the record and the treatment have the same legal entity.

Below are some of the use cases where Salesforce CPQ users can integrate Salesforce Billing.

Quote-to-Invoice Development


Automate invoice creation and revenue schedules within the CPQ platform


Salesforce CPQ and Billing Integration
Using the integration, the customer was able to decrease time spent on the invoice review, validation and save time on administrative tasks with improved forecasting using revenue schedule generation.

Quote to cash with Automated Payment deployment

Salesforce CPQ and Billing Integration
Using the integration, the customer used salesforce Billing’s built-in features and integrations to speed up payment collection, and improved cash flow.

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