Quick Start Service Cloud Package

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Service Cloud components to maximize your ROI

Service Cloud- Lightning

Case Management

Increase your productivity by streamlining the service process to route the case requests to agents who are best qualified to resolve them.

Knowledge Base Setup

Empower your customer service agents with information to handle queries and answer customers satisfactorily and drive customer satisfaction.

Service Cloud Console

View the complete customer information in one place. and also help them to easily track customer history, regardless of the channel they use.

Einstein Bots

Community Setup​

Manage social listening, content, commitment, and work process all in one place and drive more sales by associating your representatives with your distributors, affiliates, and providers.

Service Cloud-Email Marketing

Omni-Channel Setup

Enable customer support on almost all service channels. This includes phone, email, web form, social media platforms(including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter ).


Service Analytics

Help your agents make more informed decisions with the help of analytics and have a better understanding of what a  customer is looking for.

Entitlements & SLA's

Enable the service reps to identify the level of service they are entitled to give a customer Where the contracts contain the agreement upon the services a customer gets. And entitlements have the details about which customer.

Sales Cloud- Database Migration

Data Migration & ETL

Integrate Salesforce Service Cloud with various Clouds and third-party applications to provide you an exceptional experience with a unified view of your data.

Asset & Order Management

Automate and accelerate the delivery of orders, gain actionable insights on individual orders as well as overall process performance along with easy to use interfaces.

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