Sales Cloud Quick Start Package

Experience a boost in productivity, deal size and deeper view into the process

Deliver the optimal setup and Configurations with Salesforce Sales Cloud

Salesforce salescloud boost your sales in every path of the journey by leveraging the power of AI. The solutions enable your Sales teams with next generation tools to close more deals and improve revenue generation.
We offer consulting services for Salesforce Cloud implementations that meet your unique business needs. Our experienced and certified Salesforce consultants follow a agile methodology to understand about your company and its process, future visions and ensure the best suited and sustainable implementation when building your Salesforce tool.

Our process for Salesforce Sales Cloud development

Discover & Strategic road map

We understand your current existing systems and devise a effective development planning document to meet your needs.

Setup Sales Cloud

We install Salescloud package, user permissions and configure profiles and permissions using Lightning platform.

Configure objects

Extend your underlying data model by creating custom objects and fields that capture information such as Accounts, leads, Opportunities and more.

Sales Cloud Analytics

Attain focussed selling, higher revenue, and more control over lead flow with correct statistics and useful insights

User Training and documentation

We guide every user with the right set of instructions and provide a complete understanding of your Salesforce solution

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Accelerate sales across your business functions

Salesforce Sales Cloud arms your employees with the powerful, user-friendly tools they need to increase efficiencies and deliver success. Unite and accelerate your sales journey using Salesforce.


Help your sales representatives easily create, edit and view accounts, contacts and opportunities from a centralized database.


Integrate Marketing Cloud to exert tight control on customer touchpoints, branding, and messaging.

Ready to get started? We are here to help you

packages for your needs

Get a fully customized and carefully implemented Sales Cloud system based on your needs