Optimize your Marketing Journey with Salesforce Content Builder

Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a powerful automation platform that helps businesses drive their marketing efforts and convert leads into business opportunities. One of the key features of the Marketing Cloud is Content Builder, a cross-channel content management tool that helps organizations consolidate all images, documents, and other content pieces in a single location for all marketing campaigns. This helps to organize content and use it directly in marketing messages.

With the content editor you can:

⦁ Save time with an easy to use interface
⦁ Create professional emails without any HTML expertise
⦁ Insert code snippets to insert common links
⦁ Add tags and campaign associations to associate related content

Leverage these 5 features of Content Builder to set right your Marketing Journey.

Email Templates and Content Blocks

Content Builder email templates are responsive, reusable, and user-friendly templates where you can view emails on any device at any time. Content Builder helps you create email templates with content blocks and pre-built layouts and these layouts help you save time while allowing you to spend more time on content development rather than worrying about email template creation.

Email Personalization

Content builder helps you personalize and create a highly individualized 1-1 impact. You can create static content blocks and individualized content blocks in email templates.
Static Content – is content that does not change for any reason, such as your organization logo at the top, social media links, and terms and conditions at the bottom of the email.
Individualized Content – is content that changes based on the recipient of the email and is often pulled from back-end databases at the time of email push. Individualized content can be developed with the use of Personalization Strings, Dynamic Content, and AMP Script.

Interactive Emails

Develop engaging emails using the interactive features of Content Builder. Interactive email forms allow you to capture feedback, preferences, and other consumer-specific relevant information directly from the email.
You can create highly engaging emails using image carousels and design rich and engaging emails.

Einstein for Emails

Einstein Artificial Intelligence helps you deliver the right messages at the right time to your consumers.
From content selection to send-time optimization to activity-based email deliveries helps you deliver personalized emails tailored to the recipient’s preferences and interests.


Content Builder helps you automate routine approval processes in email template development. Your marketing team can submit email templates for review and approval to the management and ensure the management team’s consent is obtained before sending the emails.

To quickly summarize, Content Builder helps you:

⦁ Save time with an easy drag-and-drop interface
⦁ Manage all assets in one place across channels
⦁ Create professional emails without any expertise in HTML
⦁ View changes to content in your email in real-time
⦁ Insert code snippets
⦁ Test dynamic content for each individual

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