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Gen AI presents tremendous opportunities to enhance customer experiences, improve operational efficiencies and drive revenue growth. Fast changing ML models, accelerated technology advancements are crippling organizations from deriving ROI from their AI investments.
We help you define a practical, step-by-step approach to adopt Gen AI across your enterprise. We assist you in creating a strong Gen AI foundation, flexible technology architecture and functional Gen AI-solutions.


How We Help

Gen AI Consulting

We help enterprises navigate through the GenAI technology landscape and assist them in identifying the right use cases, right models, infrastructure and build a solution roadmap tailored to your organization needs.

Use case identification
Model Selection
Solution Roadmap

AI Agents

We help you implement AI Agents that seamlessly integrate with your existing technology stack, workflows, knowledgebases. AI agents help you deliver personalized information to your employees, customers and partners and automate complex tasks.

Customer experience solutions
Employee experience solutions
Email Summarization
Domain-Specific language intelligence

Model Fine-tuning

We help you fine tune your pre-trained models on smaller and specific datasets to refine model capabilities to deliver improved performance on your enterprise specific tasks or domains.

Supervised fine-tuning
Full fine-tuning
Task specific fine-tuning
Multi-task fine-tuning
Sequential fine-tuning

Intelligent Document Processing

Our document processing solutions leverage various AI technologies, NLP technologies, Gen AI technologies, deep learning and low code tooling to help you eliminate manual document processing.

Document Classfication & Summarization
Data Extraction & Validation
Sensitive Information Redaction

Enterprise Knowledge Search

Enhance access to your data, both structured and unstructured, across systems by leveraging the power of Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG) and Large Language Models (LLMs). Our ready-to-use connectors and data synchronization framework enable you to implement a customized Enterprise Knowledge Search solution for your organization.

GenAI stack that works for your enterprise environment

GenAI models are typically unaware of industry and enterprise specifics. Our solutions help you fine tune the models with your industry and enterprise specific knowledge and data to deliver accurate, personalized and contextual interactions.

Adaptive Approach to Generative AI Solutions

Change is happening fast. Accelerate with Gen AI framework that is adaptive to your enterprise needs

We offer an integrated approach to implement Gen AI Solutions leveraging our industry specific expertise, function specific expertise, accelerator kits and frameworks to help you adopt GenAI and achieve desired business outcomes.


We assess your business goals, needs and technical infrastructure stack and help you identify the right use case for Gen AI adoption.


Our team identifies the right set of models, AI technologies, integration requirements, security and governance models to implement your Gen AI solution.


We help you implement GenAI solution in a controlled environment and help you assess the success metrics, improvements required before scaling up the solution.


Our team assists in scaling your GenAI solution across different business units, integrating more enterprise systems, expanding business use cases and fine tuning the solution.


We help you manage your GenAI solution, security and governance adherence and provide capabilities to enhance your solutions on a continuous basis.

Evolve your business services with GenAI Capabilities

Leverage third-party integrations featuring GenAI capabilities to unlock innovation and optimize your business potential.

AWS Bedrock




Amazon Connect

Amazon QuickSight

Amazon Rekognition

Google Kubernets


Document AI

Translation AI

Video AI

Vision AI


Open AI

Content Safety

Azure AI search

AI Translator

Document Intelligence

AI Speech

AI Vision

Data Connectors


Prompt Engineering




Language Chain

Cloud-agnostic Gen AI deployments

We help you design, build and deploy Gen AI applications on any cloud platform with your business and technology goals as our guide

Customer Service

Deliver instant, human-like and personalized experiences to your customers addressing common queries, providing product information, resolving issues using advanced LLMs and NLP technologies.

Sales & Marketing

Empower your sales team with customer and product information, task planning, emailing and enable them to access information across systems and knowledgebases effortlessly.

Human Resources

Amplify employee engagement and create outstanding employee experience by providing 24/7 HR support services, access to organizaitonal information and streamlined onboarding process.

Enterprise Knowledge bases

Consolidate your organizational information, SOP’s, process flows, enterprise system information, structured and unstructured data as a single source of truth for your employees, partners and vendors.

Embark on your GenAI Journey today

Harness the power of GenAI to drive innovation, improve productivity, streamline operations, automate tasks like never before and maintain competitive edge.