Enables sales professionals to close more deals using Einstein AI

Sales Cloud Einstein incorporates AI technology into Salesforce’s key Sales cloud capabilities to provide additional insights and to create a data driven sales culture. This product enables sales professionals to find better prospects and close more deals through predictive lead/opportunity scoring and automatic data capture to convert leads into opportunities and opportunities into deals.

Environment and Licenses needed to use the feature:

Salesforce EditionAvailability (additional costs apply)
Available in both the Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic versions (although classic is said to be phased out soon).

How does it help users?

Although Sales Cloud Einstein isn’t a mandatory tool to get the most out of the Sales Cloud, it does have strategic strengths that can take your Sales cloud and Sales team to the next level by:

FeatureUse Cases
Einstein Activity Capture and Automated ContactsAutomating capturing customer data from emails and calendars allowing reps to skip time-consuming tasks like data entry.

You can write automations to treat leads differently based on their predictive lead score so hottest leads are assigned to your best reps!
Einstein Lead and Opportunity ScoringPrioritizes the leads that are most likely to convert and recommends a follow up action using the lead scoring model.

Monitors overall health of each opportunity identifying those at risk and recommending best next steps to close the deal.
Salesforce InboxThis feature can be made available in your rep's inbox helping them to engage faster with more targeted conversations.
Account and Opportunity InsightsLeveraging the data, Einstein creates sales insights, like, surfacing an alert when a meeting is requested in an email, or an executive has been added to the email so reps can respond immediately.

Sales Cloud Einstein’s insights can highlight opportunities for growth and prevent missed opportunities by keeping your sales team on track.

There’s revenue potential in retaining clients and Sales Cloud Einstein highlights the right path to retaining and up-selling customers with ease.
Forecasting more accurate pipelinesAccelerate growth by visualizing, exploring, and acting on your sales data with just few clicks.

Einstein forecasting brings the power of data accuracy and confidence to its predictive models, whether you’re viewing pipeline reports or looking at future forecast models.

Verifying Your Readiness

For your reference, we listed first few data requirements below, however, please find the complete list here from Salesforce.

  • You must have at least 30 business accounts.
  • In the last 180 days:
  • You must have created 1000 leads.
  • Of these 1000 leads, at least 120 should be converted to an account and contact.
  • At least 20 opportunities should be closed.
  • Average time should be more than 7 days for these closed opportunities.

Before going too deep down the road towards implementation, you’ll want to review limitations and goals of your organization/sales team – if they are aligning with the capabilities of this product in the budget you need or not? If you have any specific questions about Sales Cloud Einstein and your organization’s Salesforce account, you can always get in contact with our team of consultants.

Expert Recommendation

Run the Sales Cloud Einstein Readiness Simulator: It is a tool that analyzes your account and provides a personalized report as to the readiness of your account for implementing the Sales Cloud Einstein tool. If your account isn’t ready or you still have requirements to meet, then the report will explain these to you in detail. Your account representative should also provide any additional insights about the process and answer remaining questions that you have about the setup.

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