Data Engineering

Transform your enterprise into a data-driven organization

Enable faster and better-informed decision-making by uncovering insights from your data.

Unlock The Power Of Data Through Exceptional Data Engineering.

Today’s organizations are presented with unprecedented amounts of data and continue to generate more but often in silos. Our Data Engineering experts help you build infrastructure that aid in collection, transformation and maintenance of data through innovative data pipelines, technologies and platforms.

“Palni’s Data Engineering Services help transform your organizational knowledge, both structured and unstructured, into actionable insights, empowering you to confidently lead your organization with data-driven decisions.”


How We Help

Data Strategy

We guide you in formulating a thorough plan that establishes a strong foundation for acquiring, storing, managing, and leveraging data, enabling your organization to embrace a data-driven approach.


Data Strategy

Data Architecture
Deployment & Development Plan

Data Engineering

Our Data Engineering service offerings help you create data lakes, automated data pipelines, data workflows and analytical capabilities.

Data Design
Data Pipelines (ETL,ELT)
Data Ingestion
Data Discovery and preparation for analytics

Data Modernization

Our data modernization services are focused on helping enterprises migrate to modern data architecture and help build foundation to leverage Gen AI
Modern Data Architecture
Gen AI foundation
AI driven workflows

Business Intelligence and Insights

Our Business Intelligence solution offerings empower you to uncover insights within your business data that were previously unknown, This enables accurate forecasting and the development of effective business strategies.


Data Visualization

Self-Service Analytics

Managed Services

Our Managed Service offerings help you optimize and manage your data architecture, data pipelines, analytics and visualizations. The service offering provides you a capability to execute on demand changes to:
Data Pipelines (ETL,ELT)
Data Visualization


Fast track your Data Transformation Journey

Leverage our accelerator frameworks to transform your data faster

Our four to six week engagement model helps you get customized support to simplify your data transformation journey. Our proven processes will help you make the right decision on tools, processes that are needed for your specific use-cases.


We help prioritize use cases based on your specific needs, opportunities and existing technology infrastructure


We define right set of tools, processes for your high impact use-cases priortized by business impact.


We deliver a working proof of concept rapidly leveraging our accelerator kits to help you validate business impact and plan forward.


We will help you modernize your data with complete data engineering solutions from ingestion to analytics and intelligent automation.


Our managed services offering not only help you maintain the datalake environment but also assist you in responding to changing business needs.

Move forward faster with a dedicated partner

Leverage the potential of data through reliable, replicable, and adaptable solutions, supported by a team of experts dedicated to your success.

Our team of experts guides you through every phase of your data journey—from strategic advice to the creation of actionable insights that fuel your business’s transformation. We’re dedicated to helping you meet your business objectives and lay the groundwork for a Generative AI future, leveraging a robust blend of advanced data infrastructure, applications, platforms, and artificial intelligence.

Maximize the value of data through effective combination of data engineering and AI

Make more informed decisions driven by data insights and determine the next best steps.

Identify opportunities to optimize processes and improve performance through reliable data engineering practices.

Seamlessly integrate your data landscape

Achieve seamless data integration and movement across disparate systems with a flexible and extensible approach to data engineering.

Maximize the value of data

Transforming data into impactful value for your organization requires a comprehensive strategy. Our tailored industry accelerator kits, combined with the expertise of our business and data engineering professionals help you reach your business objectives efficiently and effectively.

Banking & Financial Services

Pharma & Life Sciences

Connect and Unify all of your Enterprise data

Empower your organization to thrive in the data-driven era by harnessing insights, optimizing processes, and making informed decisions based on the power of your data.