5 Ways Salesforce Marketing Cloud Can Improve Productivity

There are so many ways that leading platforms like Salesforce Marketing Cloud can help you improve productivity. In this post, we will unpack the ways Marketing Cloud helps organizations across the globe improve productivity.

Instant Marketing and Selling

Having easy-to-build lead nurturing campaigns within the marketing cloud helps your team members with the ability to run their micro-campaigns for engaging and nurturing the leads on the fly, thus improving response time, personalization and capabilities.

Drive business with social advertising

Social Advertising in the marketing cloud gives you the ability to create highly effective social advertising campaigns, target audience and make sure the right content reaches the right audience at the right time.

Add Intelligence for better decision making

Use customer data, segmentation tools, and predictive analytics to determine the right message, channel and timing for each customer experience.

AI can help your team:

⦁ Discover more about your customer preferences
⦁ Apply automation and integrate sales and marketing cloud to increase productivity
⦁ Predict better actions to move your customer relationships forward
⦁ Team collaboration in real-time:

With the help of the Chatter feature, your team members can continuously communicate with their respective team members and collaborate about work-related information and also allow them to add more members and schedule their tasks easily. This keeps the entire team updated regarding the necessary information and improves the overall efficiency of the team.

Go Mobile

Marketing cloud mobile helps your team access information from anywhere and strengthen relationships with customers.

It will help you :

⦁ Avoid repetitive tasks
⦁ Streamline the processes
⦁ Avoid missing important notes, information, and updates

Wrap Up

Salesforce Marketing Cloud includes several world-class tools that cover every possible marketing need for every organization. You can get better leads, boost your customer conversions, increase marketing ROI and create amazing experiences for your customers – with the power of Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

Adding Custom Objects in Salesforce

Here’s a comprehensive tutorial on how you can add custom objects in Salesforce Sales Cloud.
Coming soon…

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